Top 10 Best Personal Finance Blogs in India

If you want to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the financial market and plan your personal finance accordingly, it is better to follow the best finance blogs available on the internet. The finance blogs contain comprehensive information and latest news regarding investments, financial planning, stock market, real estate, insurance, retirement plans, income tax, commodities and much more. The finance blogs are run by finance professionals, IT professionals and others who have an expertise in financial matters. Charts, data, tips, news and other forms are used by the blogs to convery valuable insights into the world of finance.

List of Top 10 Finance Blogs List In India

best personal finance blogs

We’ve complied a list of our top 10 personal finance blogs of 2018 as the ultimate resource for finding the best information on the web.

Charteredclub was started in the year 2011 by Karan Batra. Initially, the blog was meant only for Chartered Accountants. However, the blog gradually started publishing articles related to personal finance for the common people. The blog makes the complex income tax laws simpler for easy understanding by people. You get access to useful tips regarding efficient management of income tax and maximising wealth creation. Karan Batra also answers questions through the Q/A forum on the blog.

Taxguru was started by Sandeep Kanoi. This blog provides complete information about taxation such as income tax, sales tax, excise, service tax, etc. All the latest happenings in the world of taxations are published on the blog. This helps investors and traders in keeping a track of taxations. Free updates regarding GST, company laws, labour laws, income tax laws, CMA regulations, etc. are also provided for the benefit of tax professionals, CAs and account professionals.

Investment Biz Mag

Investmentbiz Mag provides latest information regarding investment opportunities, mutual funds, stocks and insurance. Whether it is about the best performing mutual funds or the best insurance policies and companies or analysis of the best stocks to invest, the blog is a valuable source of information to be used in financial planning. Readers can also publish their own content on the blog.

Bemoney Aware

Bemoney Aware is run by Kirti Shobhna, a Bangalore based software consultant. She does not have a financial background but has an excellent grasp on financial topics. The blog provides information, instructions and tips in a simplified manner. A plethora of topics including investment, loans, income tax, insurance, credit cards and banks are covered by the blog.


MoneyVisual is a new blog started in 2018 by Jitendra but has already become popular among people. Information regarding various topics such as mutual funds, personal finance, gold investment, income tax, investments, insurance, market trends, debt, credit cards, etc. are available on the blog. The blog helps people in investing their money in the right financial products through correct and latest information.

Good Returns was created in 2010. This blog contains information about stock market, mutual funds market and various financial products. The blog also provides latest updates about corporate and business news. You also get daily gold and silver rates in various cities of India and the latest exchange price of various currencies. Investors can also get knowledge about taxes, personal finance, banking and PPF through this blog. The blog is available in multiple languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, etc. apart from English.

My Investment Ideas

My Investment Ideas is a blog run by Suresh K P from Hyderabad. The blog particularly deals with investment options and the best ones for you. The blog also provides effective investment ideas and tips. Focus is on mutual funds and other investment opportunities for investors. Whether it is best investment plans and options or top mutual funds and insurance plans, the blog has everything required by an investor.


Basunivesh was founded by Basavaraj Tonagatti in 2011. This blog has articles covering various aspects of a plethora of topics such as investment planning, mutual funds, insurance planning, tax planning, EPF, PPF, real estate, etc. The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of financial products to better manage personal finances. Both potential and experienced investors get good knowledge about miss-selling and miss-buying in the financial market.


MoneyLife was founded by Debashish Basu and Sucheta Dalal in the year 2006. The blog presents well-researched data on stock markets, gold, mutual funds, insurance, etc. Various investment options are analysed and their facts are thoroughly examined to help investors make informed decisions. All the latest financial news are also updated daily on the blog.

Apna Plan

Apna Plan was founded in the year 2011 by Amit Kumar. The blog has information about latest business trends, stock market, gold, silver, insurance, retirement planning, tax, FDs, loans and credit cards. Investment advices and tips are available on the blog. All kinds financial updates are also regularly available on the blog. A special section devoted for NRIs is also present on the blog where NRIs can get information about investment opportunities, filing tax returns, FCNR deposits, etc.

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