Best Investment Blogs in India

Investment is a saving for the future and everyone wants to invest their money in the best platforms. However, the confusion about where and when to invest often plagues the minds of people. In order to gather information about the different investment options in India, the best course of action is to read investment blogs which are replete with information beneficial for investors. Good investment is just like education and constantly updating your knowledge is the key. Regardless of whether you are a newbie investor wanting to dive into stock market or other financial market or an old hand, the best investment blogs keep you ahead of the race.

List of Top Best 10 Investment Blogs List In India

Best Investment Blogs

The top ten best investment blogs in India which have made a mark among its readers have been listed here.

Paisa Bazaar

Paisa Bazaar is gold mine of every type of information relating to investment, personal finance and money management. This blog also contains ideas, opinions and experiences of big shot financial service professionals and professional financial bloggers. Private citizens can also share their investment ideas in this forum. Thus, you get access to valuable insights and latest information regarding investment in India. Both newbie and experienced investors can regularly read this blog to know about how to invest money well.

Investment Biz Mag

Investment Biz Mag provides comprehensive information about the best stocks and best mutual funds to invest in besides other useful information for successful investments. You can also write for this blog and share your insights about investments and personal finance so that others can benefit from your experience.


JagoInvestor is a blog started in the year 2008 by Manish Chauhan when there were not many investment blogs on the internet. This blog has loads of valuable information about investments, tax saving, mutual funds, financial planning, insurance and many more topics. The blog helps investors in improving their financial status through various means. In a nutshell, the blog deals with everything related to financial planning. There are at least 2 posts on this blog every month. The blog also has a significant number of Twitter and Facebook followers.

Money Control

Money Control is an investment blog where you get access to information about mutual funds performance, mutual funds schemes, mutual funds rankings, live stock price, stock trading news and share markets. Analysis of equity and stock markets along with insurance, bank and loans are also available on the blog. The section dedicated to personal finance on the blog contains advices by financial experts all over India. You can use the information gleaned from this blog to make your investment plans.

Value Research Online

Value Research is one of the top investment reserach companies in India. The company’s blog Value Research Online provides important information, advice and analysis covering various topics such as personal finance, fixed income investment options, stocks, mutual funds, income taxes and insurance. This blog is particularly beneficial if you want to invest in mutual funds. This is because the blog ranks various mutual fund schemes from 1 star to 5 star and contains information about various mutual fund schemes and their return on investments.


MoneyExcel was started by Raviraj. This blog offers complete information about investment planning, money management, tax saving and retirement planning. Useful guidance regarding fix income instruments, mutal funds, equity, gold, income tax and insurance are also provided by the blog. The blog is known for providing information about best investment options in India and new business ideas. Go through this blog to make better and informed financial decisions.

Get Money Rich

Get Money Rich is replete with information about mutual funds, stocks, investments and personal finance. Articles dealing with investment ideas, tips and experiences of investors are regularly posted on the blog. The blog also has a separate column for Best Funds and a Loan Calculator. The blog has over 32,000 email subscribers and more than 2000 facebook followers. 2 posts per week keep you updated about all the happenings in the financial market.


ReLakhs is run by Mr Sreekanth Reddy who is a Certified Financial Planner. The articles in this blog deal extensively with mutual funds, saving plans, insurance, banking, tax planning, stocks, commodities and property. Each and every aspect of personal finance is covered by this blog. The blog also has a Q/A forum where you can post questions on personal finance topics. The Latest News section is where you get all the latest updates and news from the world of finance.

Wikifinance Pedia

Wikifinance Pedia started in the year 2015. The blog provides valuable tips and information about investments, financial planning, banking, business, insurance, retirement funds, savingsĀ  and much more. The blog also offers free e-learning courses. Quizzes, Q/A forum and e-books also feature in the blog.

Market Calls

Market Calls is a blog which mainly deals with financial analysis and strategies for investors. The blog provides information regarding intelligent trading analysis, algorithmic trading and trading strategies. Basically, the blog helps investors in deriving the maximum benefits from various trading software by using numerous trading strategies. Newer ideas on trading strategies are regularly published on the blog. Market Calls is operated from Bangalore and has a good following from all over the world.

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